Worse than Iblees and About The Hindu


UK, 18 JAN 2012

If someone says there is no God, they are secular. What is secular? Some Muslims say we are liberal secular. Some non-Muslims run and some Muslims run and the Muslims running saying we are secular. They are worse than Iblees. So the Prophet (s),… the Hindus believed in idols and Allah described them in Holy Qur’an as idol-worshippers, their food is not halal for us. Not even vegetarian food. A Muslim lady cannot show her hair to a Hindu lady. And how many people order on the flite veggie food and they think halal. How you know. If someone idol-worshiper is cooking, how do you know?

So everything Allah described in Holy Qur’an, wa in min shayin illa yusabihoo bi hamdih. everything is praising Allah but you don’t understand or to hear their praising. You think it is still. It is not still, it is making tasbeeh, according to the ayah. This is not still, it is making tasbeeh, the table is not still, it’s making tasbeeh; rocks, mountains, .. all are making tasbeeh, the Prophet (s) was hearing as passing by but we are not understanding them.


About Nazimiyya Indonesia

Naqshbandi Nazimiyya Indonesia adalah sebuah organisasi non profit yang mewadahi kegiatan jemaah Tarekat Naqsybandi Nazimiyya di Indonesia, di bawah bimbingan Mursyid Mawlana Syekh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani (q) dan khalifahnya, Mawlana Syekh Muhammad Hisyam Kabbani (q).

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