Dua for Rajab

Ali ibn Abi Talib (karamAllah wajhu) “O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, those lanterns of wisdom [masabih al-hikma], masters of grace [mawali ‘n-ni’ma] and mines of virtue [ma’adin al-‘isma]! Let them be my protection against all evil. Do not take me by surprise or unawares. Do not cause the outcome of my life’s work to be nothing but disappointment and regret. May it please You to view me with favor, for Your forgiveness is granted to the wrongdoers and I am one of the wrongdoers. O Allah, forgive me that which cannot do You any harm, and grant me that which cannot bring You any benefit. You are the One whose Mercy [Rahma] is all-embracing, the One whose Wisdom [Hikma] is incomparable, so grant me the blessings of comfort and composure, security and good health, thankfulness, well-being, and devotion to duty [taqwa]. Instill patience and honesty in me and in your saintly friends [awliya’]. Let ease [yusr] be Your gift to me, and do not let it come with difficulty [‘usr] attached. Extend these same blessings to my wife and children, to my brothers in You, and to all those Muslim men [Muslimin] and Muslim women [Muslimat], those believing men [mu’minin] and believing women [mu’minat], who have helped me to become the man I am today.”

from Sufi Meditation Center

About Nazimiyya Indonesia

Naqshbandi Nazimiyya Indonesia adalah sebuah organisasi non profit yang mewadahi kegiatan jemaah Tarekat Naqsybandi Nazimiyya di Indonesia, di bawah bimbingan Mursyid Mawlana Syekh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani (q) dan khalifahnya, Mawlana Syekh Muhammad Hisyam Kabbani (q).

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